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Thread: Canon MV630i not impressed!!! Can anyone please advise??

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    Default Canon MV630i not impressed!!! Can anyone please advise??

    Can anyone please advise on this camcorder. I've had it for a few months now and I'm very disapointed with the picture quality when filming indoors, the picture is very grainy, also the night mode is just a complete joke. When used outdoors in daylight the quality is good.
    Would a camcorder light fixed to the top help with this??

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    The main problem is the size of the lens. If I remember correctly its only about 30mm. So the amount of light getting through the lens is going to be limited. This is true of all small lenses. I get the same problem on my Sony TRV33. Low light conditions are a no goer I'm afraid.

    Yes a cam light will definitely help. I even noticed that the indoor performance of my TRV33 improved when I switched the ceiling lights from 60watts to 100watts (and no I didn't blow any fuses before anyone asks).

    As for the nightshot thing. Well I agree its a bit of a joke isn't it? I think manufacturers just add these features to domestic cams as a marketing gimmick.

    Good luck
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    Many thanks for the advice. I think I'll invest in a cam light. Your right about manufactures, on this camcorder its just a gimmick, it just doesn't work well at all.

    I emailed Canon about this and their short response was "Picture quality will not be as good in lower light". Well thanks for that canon, I think I worked that one out for myself.



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    Being brutally honest, the MV630i is a low level budget camera. It's already been replaced by the 730i, which you can get for about 330-350 if you shop around.

    I'm not being a snob, my own camcorder is the even lower-spec MV600, but you have to remember, you get what you pay for. If you want good quality in low light, you either get extra lighting, or a better camera.

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    Or move to iceland for the summer.
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    I now know that the MV630i is crap, was told by a very good salesman that it was good. I quess thats what you get when you know nothing about cams.

    One would have thought it would be able to produce better quality indoors with all the lights on regardless of , as my brother has an old beast of a panasonic analogue thing and its much better quality, as he keeps reminding me.

    If I win the lotto I might buy and new one and move to Iceland for the summer as I've heard it very cool!!

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