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Thread: Sennheiser G2 EW 112, HELP NEEDED!!!

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    Default Sennheiser G2 EW 112, HELP NEEDED!!!

    Hi everyone

    Was wondering if someone could help me, i have the Sennheiser G2 Radio mic kit with a tie-clip mic and im getting some drop out of sound on them, only for 3-4 seconds at a time but v annoying!

    I am doing a few things for my church in an interview kind of set up, i am standing no more than 15 feet away from the transmitter, all new batteries , and the mics themselves are brand new.

    The minister has a radio mic set up as well (totally seperate from mine) would this cause drop outs with interferance?

    I have the transmitter placed in the persons inside pocket on their jacket, would it be better clipped to their belt?

    The receiver is attached to the cold shoe on top of my camera (Sony HVR 1VE)

    I have checked all the obvious things ie tuned to same frequency etc

    If anyone could help i would be very grateful as its bugging the hell out of me!



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    Multiple radios can often interfere with each other but not over a 15ft distance unless the other transmitter is very close to your receiver (or is a cheap Chinese set dishing out all kinds of spurious frequencies.)

    Check that your Senny has the pilot tone ON. That way will help it to ignore other transmitters.

    Try and get your transmitting antenna parallel to your receiver (although over a 15ft stretch, that shouldn't be an issue) and look out for metal objects between the transmitter and the receiver. A metal chair can cause problems if the frame is close to the transmitter and blocking the "line of sight" to the receiver.

    Finally, and the easiest to try first, new batteries (not rechargeables).

    PS: Be wary of clipping a G2 to a belt. The design isn't that brilliant and it's easy for the mic-connection to get damaged if the subject sits down (experience talking here) resulting in an expensive repair.
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