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Thread: Please Help me I am new to all this.

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    Default Please Help me I am new to all this.

    Hello everyone,

    I am new to all this video editing and I have a strong interest with it. I am currently using Sony Vegas Pro 8.0a (Yes I know, old software). I just bought a new camcorder the Canon VIXIA HF 200 and now I am having problems. Since it uses AVCHD files my computer is not up to par with it since my Computer is only 1 gig of ram, video card: Geforce 8400 and is not Dual Core. I know my PC needs an Upgrade but what are the minimum requirements I need to edit AVCHD? I am currently on Windows 7 if that helps. Also will AVCHD files run well on Windows XP?

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    Hi, You need to use proxy files to do your editing, even then the rendering is going to be very very slow, only a few programs need a video card the one I use Corel Pro X2 doesn't gain anything from having one installed, don't know about Vegas,

    One thing you need to check is does the program handle AVCHD High Profile, some of the older Vegas programs didn't, they had the idea that mere amateurs didn't warrant High Profile, I think they changed there stance on that last year.

    Since your video camera is the updated version of mine "HF10" and uses the higher 24Mbps you really do need lots of grunt, I find my Pentium 3Ghz dual core 2GHz ram running on XP takes 6 to 8 times real time to render at the full 1920x1080i and that's not using color correction, only sticking to the basics.

    Can't comment on Windows 7 only to say a friend of mine who does professional editng has heard good reports on it. probably using programs like Premiere Elements or Premiere Pro CS4



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