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Thread: Transitions in Vegas Platinum 8.0

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    Default Transitions in Vegas Platinum 8.0

    I'm building a slide show in Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 8.0. I'm trying to use transitions between each picture. However, when I place the transition (lets use "dissolve") between pictures, the transition is virtually undetectable.

    I've even tried to lengthen the dissolve the same way that you would lengthen a fade or crossfade and it still doesn't make a difference. When I play the slide show, there is a definite cut between pictures.

    How do I utilizes transitions so that I can have the current picture dissolve out and the current one dissolve in?

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    Could you attempt to describe what you get in a bit more detail - eg what happens before and after the "definite cut" (or even post a short clip including a transition somewhere). Also a screengrab of your timeline and one of the transition dialog might be useful.

    OR Just a thought, and I'm sorry if I'm teachin my grandmother to suck eggs...

    You ARE overlapping the two pictures for the length of the required transition (and then dropping the transition ontop of the overlap) aren't you?

    OR Maybe this is just in preview and the rendered version will be fine. Try selecting just a small part and rendering (or using Build RAM Preview, or Selectively Pre-render video)

    It takes time for Vegas to "work out" the transitions. I just stuck two photos on the timeline, overlapped them and applied a "blinds" transition. It looked pretty jerky. I then made a selection on the timeline incorporating the transition, pressed "Q" (repeat selection) and pressed play. After a few repeats the transition was silky smooth in my preview window.

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    Follow Tim's advice. One other point is make sure you are showing each picture for long enough to allow the transition to work.

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