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    I am new here. Looking for people to just critique vids etc. I have been editing on the amateur level for about 2 years now and loving it. Here is my latest took quite a bit of time, I did it as a freelance viral project for a new company. Tell me what you think.

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    What is the difference between a viral and a non-viral video project?

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    I see a lot of time and effort and skill went into making this but I didn't get what you are trying to communicate. I thought the floating person at 55 secs was quite good. Original and good timing with the music. Over all a really skillful example of video editing.

    I was disappointed we didn't get a closer look at the painting at the end but then again it wasn't a brilliant painting, so may be not.

    Given the right project you will produce some great work you definitely have the skill. BUT this piece is not it.

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    Let's not duplicate posts, eh?

    I've moved this from Pimp the Link as you clearly want feedback (and this post had a couple of response) and I've deleted the duplicate post which was already here.

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