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    Ok so this is our first video as a production company and contains some of the more in depth video effects that we have worked with so far. Please give us any criticizm or compliments or any feedback that you want. Everything is very greatly appreciated.

    So here is our epic light saber fight between two absolute forces:
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    It was well done in terms of the amount of time it must have taken to rotoscope the film. I think from the circumstances you're standing on, the film itself works really well as far as an experiment goes.

    For the future - keep in mind that a smooth pan will help the edit greatly. You could see the beam falling off the hilt a few times in the video because the pan wasn't smooth enough, whereas if it had been it would have been less work for yourself in the long run.

    Hope this is useful. Keep it up

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    The effect was well enough done, but I was more impressed by the fact you'd had a go at some interesting colour correction.
    But like all lightsabre movies, I have to ask "why?"
    There's no plot, no motivation.
    As for the effect itself, I thought it was rather passť in the original Star Wars movie - I fail to understand why people continue to make them.

    (This isn't a particular dig at this film, which has been made to highlight your skills with effects; just a general rant about what seems to have become a genre all of its own)

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