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    Here a Christmas story ....... not a very good one but ....

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    Well you put a lot of effort into making that story. The little elves all played their parts well. Good fun I bet. Thanks for posting.

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    What Shrimpy said and what a beautiful dog. I have a tricolour English setter but it's the field type not the show type like yours.

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    It was great fun. Meg the English setter is a star.

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    I'd second Shrimpy's comment, if Midnight hadn't already done it. Late on parade again!

    Smashing little story that only suffers from a little camera shake. You should have asked Santa for a tripod!!

    Well done and a happy new year to you.

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    Nice little story. I enjoyed the humour.
    I was just about to say you should aim to take shots of children and Meg at THEIR height rather than yours when you suddenly included a shot of Meg running towards the camera at HER height. It looked so much better - made us so much more involved. So I guess you DO know, you just forgot!
    Thanks for entertaining us.

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