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Thread: SCARY SANTA: The Christmas Special 2009

  1. Default SCARY SANTA: The Christmas Special 2009

    Hello everyone,

    You may remember me from posting on this thread

    Well, this a harrysfunzone christmas special 2009. Please tell me what you think.

    Before you lay into me... Please remember, that i do not think this is brilliant, that's why i'm posting here to ask for your constructive comments!
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    First of all Merry Christmas Harry.

    The whole thing needs to be cut shorter as the material isn't strong enough to carry 7:20 mins. You can easily do this by trimming the shots that go on to long. Eg. the panning down the Christmas tree, some of the chase scene. I liked your idea during the chase scene at 4:40 but for it to work you have to be tighter with your editing. Make each clip the same length and make them all shorter. This should help the look of that bit.

    I did like a couple of the gags but there may be a generation gap of 30+ years for most of the humour.

    There is a horrendous jump cut at 1:25 just before Joe pulls out his pants. (Which was one of the things I thought was funny). BUT the jump cut kind of spoilt the best joke for me. You should re edit that section to get rid of the jump cut.

    At 5:19 you need to fix the camera before you start to shoot you seemed to be zooming in and out to frame the shot. I'm not sure why you had the cheering when you was chopping up the Santa. Again this scene needs cutting down.

    Keep plugging away Harry. I like the fact that you try different ideas. As you get more experience you will improve the scripts, camera work and editing.

    I hope this helps you.

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    Happy Christmas Harry.

    I certainly have to agree with Midnights comments. All of them. Much much tighter editing is needed to hold viewer attention. You can do it so no worries. Pat on the back for the story idea and your general creativity.

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    Gotta agree with everything MB says.
    And I'd add - watch the framing. For example in the beating up santa on the bed scene it was neither a close up of Santa being beaten, nor a full shot of you beating him up (heads getting chopped out of the picture etc).

    There's lots of potential here and I think as you mature your films will really begin to shine.

    For immediate improvement I suggest once you've developed your storyline and script, you need to be ruthless and disciplined in making sure EVERY shot is acted and shot to the BEST of your ability and that EVERY shot counts.

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    Thanks for your thorough and detailed feedback, there is not one bit I do not agree with. I have taken it all into account and i'm sure my next video will be much better.

    See you again, when my new offering is done, dusted and ready to put on here!

    Best wishes,
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