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    Hello all,

    I have lots of old vhs tapes I want to convert to dvd. I have a dvd recorder and borrowed a VCR but somehow cant manage to record to dvd. I have followed various advice on hooking up and setup but to no success. There are two scarts on VCR, two scarts, two phonos in and out and one s-video on dvd recorder, two scarts, two phonos, one pc, two hdmi, one dvb on the tv.

    Can anyone give me some advice on setup or connections, thanks

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    Pretty much impossible without seeing the actual connections on each device. How have you tried connecting them so far? Scart to scart is probably the easiest method. You'll usually find that there is an 'input' and an 'output' scart plug on each device. Look for a little circle with an arrow pointing in or out of it next to the connection. If it's a double headed arrow, then that connection is a two way scart. Result!
    Obviously you need the 'output' on the VHS and the 'input' on the recorder. Make sure that the scart plug you're using is a fully pinned version - some are only pinned for in or out! Easy to get wrong. You'll probably find that you need to switch the recorder to the input that you're now using in the menu, or on the remote.
    Don't bother connecting the VHS to the TV. daisychain it through the recorder. So, VHS connected to recorder, recorder connected to the TV. (Doesn't matter how/which connection, as long as you can view it.)
    You should now be able to see the VHS playing on whatever channel you've got your recorder set up on.


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