Having recently acquired a Sanyon Xacti HD camcorder, and an upgraded laptop to work with HD video, I have struggled to find a movie editing programme to work with the MPEG4 files the camera uses. I thought at last I had found something that would - Magix Movie Edit Pro 15 Plus - but unless I'm missing something, it doesn't. At least it wont for me!

It wont even recognise my camcorder to allow me to record / upload the video files and whilst I can get round this by importing them via a card reader, I cant seem to get the files into the editing view on screen.
The closest I have got is to do a batch conversion of the files into MPEG2 but even then I've had to use other software (Roxio) to do the burning to DVD - without editing. The quality of the DVD when viewed on my laptop is OK, but its poor on my DVD player (A PS3 bluray player).

Capturing, editing and burning HD / MPEG4 video seems fraught with complications and I just cant seem to find an "idiots guide" of how to do this or at least to tell me where I'm going wrong.

If there is anything someone could point me to by way of an "idiots guide" a tutorial that would help with my specific predicament I would be very grateful?