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Thread: Video loses "flow" after conversion

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    I have a Sony DCR-HC27 Handycam and have been trying to take what I've been filming onto DV tapes over FireWire using Windows Movie Maker into my computer.

    The clips look fine in the format they're imported into (DV), but the files are huge - 11GB or so an hour. So I want to convert them into something smaller.

    No converter (besides WMM) I've found is able to read this format, so what I've had to do is use VirtualDub to convert the file into raw AVI (taking about 100GB an hour) and then go from there to something like DivX or H264. WMM can convert into the WMV format or burn to a DVD, but nothing else.

    Now - the problem is that no matter what I convert the file into (even raw AVI), the clips get stuttery and don't seem to flow as nicely as they do in the DV format, despite being 25.0 fps just like the original file. Quality isn't as much of an issue, though interlacing also seems to become much more apparent after conversion, and the image tears when there's a lot of movement, much more so than in the original DV format. The only player that can play the DV format is WMP, where it plays back fine. I can also view it using VirtualDub, but even in the original format, the clips lose "flow" and smoothness while played back in VirtualDub. VLC has the same problem, plus the sound is messed up.

    Does anyone know if it's possible that the DV format somehow smoothens the clips, like, interpolates or cross-fades between frames to keep the framerate higher than it actually is, or if this is just a WMP thing?

    I've put sample files for you to look at here:

    DV format (original): (33MB)
    raw AVI (Vdub): (300MB)
    WMV (by WMM): (3MB)

    Please tell me how to convert these clips into something else without losing the flow and smoothness of the original file.
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