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    Would anyone happen to know whether the corel video 12 trial version has only one or two templates included. Cannot seem to find the full selection and
    am beginning to think that maybe the full set is in the paid for version.

    Thanks very much
    Slightly late for Merry Christmas but Happy New Year to all

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    Hi, Yes you only get the extra templates for authoring when you buy the program. I don't know if it makes any difference to the title tracks or overlay tracks, just so you can check mine has:- 1 main video track and 6 overlay tracks, 2 title tracks and 2 audio tracks, they have also renamed it Corel Video Studio Pro X2 unless that's what it is called when you purchase it.

    I got my version from the Corel site in Canada and it was cheaper than buying it through the local supplies in New Zealand even though both were internet downloads.


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    Thanks -I'll be buying the programme soon. My version has
    one video
    one overlay
    two title
    one voice
    one music

    It seems you get extra templates and tracks when you buy the full programme. Also it's cheaper to buy from Amazon here in the UK
    than from Corel...

    Happy New Year

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