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Thread: Vegas No audio on RAW files

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    Unhappy Vegas No audio on RAW files


    I have 7 hours of tape from my holiday this summer. I ripped the tapes (DV) onto my pc using windows movie maker (First thing I could find) and I have them as AVI files, best quality (I chose the best quality for output on DV). They are 14 GB files that play correctly (audio and video) in Media Player Classic and VLC. So I have the required codecs for playback.

    When I import any of the 7 files into Vegas, it doesn't have audio. When I look at properties it doesn't even recognize an Audio stream as present.
    When I used Gspot to determine the codec, the codec-name field was empty.

    Now, the weirdest thing happened when I imported an old AVI file that I had captured in the same way as my more recent tapes (using WMM and high quality settings). When I imported it in Vegas, it told me it had to do some stuff to the audio, and it took a few minutes but then it worked like it should! It also finds the audio stream in the properties. But not for any of my other files. So I'm sure that Vegas is operating correctly, I just need some settings or possibly codecs?

    I am an unexperienced user, I edited some basic stuff in WMM and wanted to learn something a little more advanced, but it's blocking me from step one as I can't get my audio in there. Please help or tips... thanks.

    using Vegas 8.0 pro on windows Vista
    I'm sorry if I left out any info, please ask if unclear

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    I have to ask: Why capture through WMM when you could do the same from within Vegas?

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    good point. I didn't have Vegas at the time. I think I still have the tapes so if I don't find a solution fast I'll recapture it with Vegas.

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