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Thread: HowTo?-Super impose picture in a video

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    Default HowTo?-Super impose picture in a video

    Can someone tell me how I can insert a person picture (head/face) into a video clip using Vegas Movie Studio HD 9.0 - or maybe even Windows Media Player?

    Any basic instructions - or maybe even a video tutorial will be very much appreciated!

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    Assuming you mean a photo of someone's head onto a video of another person:
    Track 2 - Your video
    Track 1 - your person's head.

    The photo of the person's head has to have been edited in a photo editing program either to have the backgound transparent or to have it all one colour. If the latter apply a chroma-key effect to the event to key out the colour.

    Now resize the head to the right size using Pan and Crop on the photo.
    Use Track Motion and keyframes to move the photo in sync with the underlying video.

    I have not given you a step by step set of instructions, but I've given you the principles and a set of key words to research (in the excellent Vegas Help and downloadable Manuals)

    There's quite a bit to learn, but it's not difficult. Good luck.

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    Wow, thank you very much!
    This is a good start - I believe that I do understand the basic principals.
    However, you said; "a set of key words to research (in the excellent Vegas Help and downloadable Manuals)"
    Can you tell me precicely the "key words" that you are referring to - that is, what are the best key words that I can use to research this - and perhaps, what specific Manuel(s)?
    With appreciation

    Happy Holidays,
    Charles Jr

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