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Thread: Bluray standalone player or PS3

  1. Default Bluray standalone player or PS3

    Which do you think is the better choice?

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    That depends if you are a gamer or just a movie buff, I guess.

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    personally I would go for ps3 as I am a gamer and a movie lover too.. sure you can watch movies in ps3

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    There is no such thing as "better" the only consideration is what your needs are:

    Are you a gamer? YES/NO

    if you answered YES buy a PS3
    If you answered NO buy a regular buy ray player.

    You will save money if you buy a bog standard blu ray player BUT if you want the PS3 then get it

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    Well, with a ps3, you can also stream netflix, use a memory chip to view media from a camcorder or digital camera, features that are generally only on more expensive bluray players.. you can also view an entire library of media streaming from your computer. The advantage of the ps3 there is support of more media types for both audio and video files.
    The ps3 is also updatable to 3d. An expensive upgrade for a sand alone bluray player.

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    There is a saying:

    "Jack of all trades, master of none"

    Be warey of the PS3 if it truly has this many features, chances are they skipped out on something.

    EDIT: oh WTF! Why has this old thread been revived?!?
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    PS3 all the way. I have had mine for almost 3 years now and like fine wine it just gets better with age. Next moth it will be fully 3D Movie capable (although I have chosen NOT to go down that particular road) Thanks to the multi core processor new features can be added whenever necessary. A truly versatile machine.

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    PS3 will be the best option cause on that case you can you that in 2 way. 1 you can play Games and 2nd one will be you will be able to watch movies as well. Please suggest me what will be the best camera to buy as I am going to buy a New Digital Camera

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