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Thread: Not sure which software to use...

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    Default Not sure which software to use...

    My question is a 2 part question and they are completely unrelated:

    1) I am fairly new to video editing, and I am wondering if you guys could recommend an easy to use (as simple as possible) software that has some nice effects and options to keep me satisfied until I can learn more and then upgrade to something a bit more complicated. Also, I don't know if this helps answer the question or not... but i'm editing snowboarding footage exclusively... so i'd like a software that has some sports/fast action oriented options... or the equivilent thereof..

    2) I have been playing around in Windows Movie Maker, and I am wondering if there is an add-on that will allow me to play a video in reverse...? I have not been able to figure it out but it's such a basic effect that I am hard pressed to believe it's not capable of doing it...

    Thanks guys..
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