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Thread: Vegas 9 Re importing renders query

  1. Default Vegas 9 Re importing renders query

    Vegas 9 Platinum.

    Because I wanted to see how my latest (well first actually!) project was doing I rendered up to the stage I'd reached and saved the resulting render to an external hard drive.

    Yesterday I had some sort of computer crash and after that Vegas would only open the saved project files to about 17% and then just stop and hang.

    No problem, thinks I; I'll just start a new project by re-importing the saved render from my external hard drive. However Vegas only seems to recognise the audio and the video track is just solid red. This is like a codec problem that you guys have helped me with before, but surely a render put together by Vegas should be no problem to re-import?

    The render plays great in VLC by the way.
    Any ideas or help on how to get it back into Vegas as a new project would be much appreciated.

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    You missed a fairly crucial fact.
    What did you render it as?

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    Ah Tim. Thanks in advance; once again it seems you are bailing me out.
    I just pressed "Render as" and saved it. Now I look back and it seems the default setting is Video for Windows (*avi)

    I still don't know what to do to rescue the project and I still don't understand why something created in Vegas can't be re-imported.

    This digital editing lark doesn't seem to be getting any easier!

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    Just to keep you 'up to speed' here, the project is now finished and I have the first half (that I can't re-import into Vegas) and the second half which is still in the project (veg. files).

    I'm thinking my only available course of action to join the two halves together would be to import both halves as rendered files into Windows Movie Maker and join them there.

    This seems crazy but I'm running out of ideas and suggestions would be most welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by manch View Post
    Now I look back and it seems the default setting is Video for Windows (*avi)
    - Should be mno problem there then?

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    I'm still struggling here folks.
    The project is now almost completed; I have a first half and a second half that I want to join together to make 1 video. Well you'd think that would be pretty easy but I can't manage it.

    The second half is still in existence as a Vegas (plat9) project. I've rendered it as a *avi and I can re-import it back into Vegas to start another project, ie for joining it to the first half.

    The first half I rendered as an *avi (but only because that was the first option and I didn't know any better) and kept on an external hard drive. The following day my computer crashed and the project files of the first half just disappeared into the ether.

    What I don't understand is that I can't re-import the first half into Vegas (so I can join it to the second half). I just get sound but no picture, yet it plays fine on VLC player.
    I understand that there's probably not enough 'tech' info here for anybody to provide an answer, but if someone could suggest what info I need to post up (and an idiot proof guide how to get it) maybe I can get to the bottom of it.
    I just don't see how two renders, created the same way, and only one can be re-imported into Vegas.

    Thanks in advance


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    Just a thought - you refer to importing your first avi (from before you PC crashed) from an external hard drive and the vidoe showing as red on the timeline. I have seen red on the timeline when Vegas cannot process the video due to defragmented drive/slow system etc.
    It's possible the transfer rate isn't high enough. Can you copy the footage onto the internal drive (defrag the drive first) and try that?

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    Just checked and the internal disc is less than 1% fragmented. Got the 2 files on the internal disc too; same result.
    Thanks for that Tim but as yet the solution is avoiding me.

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    Just a thought; Have you tried rendering a small part of the 'red' .avi again to see if it comes up with the picture too? I've had the reds before with V 9c, but it still rendered fine.

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    Cheers Archie, it worked like a charm. Its still just a big puzzle to me why Vegas behaves like this.
    For the record the renders were as video for windows (*avi) and the template was PAL DV.
    Whilst I was re-rendering the "red" portion a message came up in the preview window saying: "recompression required".

    Now if only I knew how to upload it I could enter VOTM !! (hahaha).

    Thanks once again for all the help and suggestions from all the DD guys.

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