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    Hi. It's been a while since I posted smth. Some time ago a little trojan messed with my time and date settings. I couldnt update my OS, couldnt visit some sites like gmail and so one. But also it messed up with my adobe CS3 master collection. Everytime I tried to open any software it said "you cannot use software at this time, try to uninstall and reinstall the software". I got rid of the trojan, set the date to normal. PC works smoothly. Unfortunatelly uninstalling and reinstalling AdobeCS3 didnt help. The same error occurs. So I tried the second time. Again no change. So what should I do? Maybe there is some messed up system file or smth. I dont know... Im nat good at PC/OS system stuff...

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    How did you get rid of the Trojan. If it's the one I'm thinking of, it is a real bugger to get rid of. Did it say you have a virus next to the time ? If it's that one it also restricts normal access to some folders. Just a thought. If you didn't do a full disk format and reload your OS you may still have issues with this Trojan.

    I've never used CS3 so can't help you on specifics to do with that.

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    Sounds a bit like the CS4 - licence expired problem. I've had that with CS4 when installing and later uninstalling a trial version of something over my copy of Production Premium - or at least I assumed that's what did it. Anyway, the answer there is as follows....

    It basically happens because there is a cutoff date after which you may not use the s/w (from teh demo licence?) so Adobe told me to do this...

    reset your system date back a year to when the licence was actually active.
    Start the application - which then works because it;s not expired on that day.
    Use the Help menu to de-activate the s/w. Remembering to tockthe box that says remove the serial number from this machine.
    Close the Adobe app.
    Reset system clock back to today.
    Run the app again. You will be asked to activate the s/w by entering your serial number again. Do that and you will be good to go.

    Letme know if the scenario is similar

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    Hi alan. thnx for advice but that didnt help. I tried to reset time back a year. Nevertheless, the app still didnt work. The same licence expired error. I tried to reset back a year, 2 years, 5 years, a year forward the same. But then an idea popped to my mind and I was surprised when it worked. Previously I tried reinstalling the software with a normal date on PC. But now I decided to uninstall CS3 and before reinstalling RESET date back a year, so while installing CS3 my date would be 2008. And when I reinstalled the software, it asked to reenter the serial and thats it. It worked. Then I set my date back to normal, and no issues appeared. Now my CS3 works perfectly

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