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Thread: Best Pocket HD Camcorder (for low light recording)???

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    Default Best Pocket HD Camcorder (for low light recording)???


    I'm looking to get a pocket sized hd camcorder to use in concerts so i need a good high quilty small camcorder that i can fit in my pocket and still has good quilty in low light concert rooms and a good zoom as most concerts im right at the back.

    I've been looking at the Samsung U10 and the Kodak Zi8, or maybe one of the following camcorders from this site? Pocket HD camcorders - CNET Reviews

    Any ideas on what camcoarder would be best for the job?

    P.S: Needs to have still photos aswell, but mostly need high quilty videos!

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    hi there,

    May I thank you for your post. I am looking for exactly the same thing.

    I am looking to record tattoos being done. So thank you. I have looked at a range of websites.

    Both the two cameras you have shown look just what I need them for and the quality of the video is great. I have chosen to go with the:

    Kodak Zi8

    I will let you know how I get on with it.

    Thanks again.


    Captured Ink

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    A few months ago, I was looking for the same thing. Something pocketable, but good in low light. To be honest, I don't think such a camera exists. Well, that depends on your standards for quality.

    If you're shooting concerts, then not sure if pocket camera will give you the zoom (I may be wrong)

    Also, I find concerts to have perfect, well lit stages. Usually lighting is not a problem, especially if you can zoom all the way in, the lighting is professionally done, so if you can keep a steady camera zoomed in, then 9 times out of 10, you will get some great footage.

    Sorry, seems as though my post may not have been useful, I look forward to reading other responses too.

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