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Thread: PATTAYA THAILAND [gs500]

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    Default PATTAYA THAILAND [gs500]

    Shot on Panasonic NV-GS-500

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    I'm a beginner at video editing, but I have a still photography background, and one thing I know about the beach, especially in Thailand, is that you pretty much have to put the camera away between 9am-5pm, as everything will be utterly washed out. (But then I know that when travelling, you have to get what you get when you get it.)

    As for this video--you didn't post anything but I assume you want opinions--I liked the "luk-tung" song, at least the first time, but maybe a second song would have been better at the halfway mark. Or, even better, the video could have been cut to fit the song. Also, subtitles would help people who don't speak Thai understand the interviews.

    Just my opinions. Enjoyed the video. Reminded me of many trips I've taken (I'm in Ban Phe, near Ko Samet).

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    Boy that music goes on a bit dunnit???
    There was just about enough content to make a nice holiday style 5 minute vid.
    Nice to see all the lovelies on the beach. At my age its all imagination!!!
    Bad sound on the edits around 5 minutes would have been improved by reducing volume with envelopes.

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    good start!
    I guess this time you're doing very good...
    there is always an starting point.

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