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Thread: XM2 Nightmare, can you help

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    Angry XM2 Nightmare, can you help

    XM2 Nightmare, can you help

    Can anyone advise me? The firewire connection on my XM2 has gone…… Those nice people at Canon want to extract £600 for the privilege of repairing the fault. With a complete new motherboard.

    Not wanting to contribute to the Canon pension fund, I can simply download from a much cheaper old camcorder, but will the quality be much reduced.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi there,

    Well there wont be any problems regarding the loss of quality, when you use an firewire connection.
    Since there is no compressing etc on the firewire connection you wont lose anything of the quality
    Every firewire connection on every tape camera is the same regardless which sensor there is.

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