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Thread: Problem with Sony Video Disc Copier

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    Angry Problem with Sony Video Disc Copier

    I would like to copy the dvds I recorded on my handi cam. I installed the software that came with the cam corder.
    I got my cam corder hooked up to my computer.
    The disc I want to copy is in the cam corder.
    But when I go to the 'Video Disc Copier' I keep getting this warning that the disc I want to copy can't be copied because it hasn't been finalized yet.
    Which is NOT true. I know for sure the disc is finalized.
    I'm really stumped as to what's going on here.
    Can anyone help?
    By the way my computer is Windows Vista.
    Could that have anything to do with it??
    Even though on the software cd it does state it's compatible with Vista.

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    Can the disk be played in a normal DVD? that would confirm it has been finalised as we say in the UK

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    Fixed it!
    Had to download some updates from the internet and now I'm well on my way to copying vacation dvds for distant relatives.

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