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Thread: What format to rip DVDs in?

  1. Default What format to rip DVDs in?

    Which format should I rip my DVDs in - AVI, MPEG2, Ipod, WMV etc. Basically I'm looking for the best quality possible. Which format will provide the best quality?

    Many thanks.

    I've heard ISO is best for quality - but I use Magic DVD Ripper and it doesn't seem to do that format. Any other programmes that do? And most imp' will Sony Vegas play ISO files?
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    Thank you. I'll give it a go. Magic DVD ripper hasn't turned out great.

    Is AVI the best quality format to rip it in?

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    I notice that this guy has now been banned, so I best not use his recommendation. Does anyone else have any suggestions of DVD rippers to use? Ideally ones which have little to no quality decline.

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