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Thread: Creating intermediate frames for super slow-mo

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    Default Creating intermediate frames for super slow-mo

    Hi, I'm new to video editing in general.

    I was wondering whether I can create super slow-motion by using a regular video. For instance, if I'm shooting sports footage at 60fps, and I want to see it in super slow motion, like a tenth (1/10) the speed, which would have required 600fps, can the software generate the frames inbetween the actual frames?

    I've done slow motion in Windows Movie Maker (yes, I'm that kind of noob), and that just produces a choppy video because it's still using the same number of frames, just shown slower.

    So can the video software produce intermediate frames between the actual frames in order to produce a smooth super slow motion effect? I would have to think it's possible, because that's just like the morphing technology right? Make a morph between two frames?

    I plan to get Adobe Premiere Elements, can that do it?

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

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    THIS thread might be of interest to you

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    A software plug-in called Twixtor may be of interest to you.

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