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Thread: Two Camera show edit - Footage different speeds

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    I've got some footage that a venue wants editing together of a live gig, but the problem is that it was filmed on two different types of cameras which seems to have recorded at different rates.

    I have the footage in Premiere Pro CS3 and set in and out points to the same parts of each angle, so in theory they should be in sync but they aren't.

    The first angle runs 01:01:47:14

    Where as the second angle runs for 01:01:46:15

    How would I go about fixing this so they both play back in sync so I can multicam edit.

    The first angle as the best audio so I would guess speed up the second angle (as I won't be using that audio) but not sure the best way to do it.

    Thanks for any advice

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    I don't know if you have had your post answered yet, but if not, here is a solution. Time Stretching.

    I use Sony Vegas and by holding the control key and then grabbing and moving either end of the video clip backward or forward, you will adjust the timing of the clip, without deleting any of it.

    First, align both clips so they were in sinc at the beginning. Second, adjust the end of each clip so that both clips are ending as closely to the same point in the filming as you can get them. Third, move to the end of the shortest clip, hold the control key, grab the end of the clip and pull it until it matches the longer clip. Forth, verify that the clips are in sinc at the end and make any slight adjustments necessary.

    I hope this helps.

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    Cheers, harrisongang. Will try that out now,

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    Edit. Sorted now. Thanks for the advice

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