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Thread: Looking for suggestions and help for a new camcorder! :)

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    Default Looking for suggestions and help for a new camcorder! :)

    Hi all,

    I was looking through the website and still do not know which camcorder i should get. Basically looking for one probably in the middle between consumer and professional ones - the term i realised is called prosumer? realised that most people recommended the canon hv30/40?

    I was abit puzzled by as they were selling the hv30 for far more expensive than the hv40 - does anyone have a clue or could explain why is this so?

    Also, why is the tape better than other formats if some people could explain? and if its a tape like the hv30/40 - can u transfer eveything from the tape to the computer adn reuse the tape or u have to keep buying a new tape each time one runs out?

    And with a voucher i could get Sony HDD camcorder HDRXR105E.CEH - Very for a cheap price of 400 pounds - was wondering if this is comparable with the canon hv30?

    Also, being quite a beginner and also not wanting to spend SO much money although i already am - i should go for the older model of the hv30 instead of 40 isnt it? Is thre much difference between the hv20 and the hv30?

    Also, any other prosumer cameras i should look out for a new guy like me?

    Thanks alot for your time to read my babbling and also helping me out!

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    Well tape is always better than an Flash/HDD memory thing.
    Tape will be stored without any big compression, this means that when you shoot on tape you will have 12-14GB of data on your PC.
    After you finished editing you need to compress to video yourself to Avi or something like that which you prefer.
    Best thing is to not re-use the tape you have used before a lot of times, since the tape will be stretched everytime you use it.
    And what could happen is that it will get stuck in your camera (which you dont want).
    So only use your tapes for your safety and the cameras safety a few times, and they arent that expensive either.

    About the Sony XR105, I dunno how much you like low light performace but you could check out the Canon Legria HF200 which has a better low light performance (as I read on this forum).

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