Hey guys,

For the past 3 weeks I've been editing a video based on still images captured using
Snagit from Powerpoint, and their size is: 697 x 511

When I created the project, I went with the default settings of
720 x 480 ( 4:3 ) ( 0.9091 )
29.97 FPS

As you can see my sequence settings are ( .9091 ) and ALL my assets are in 1.0. :(

Within this video I've also imported a 13 minute video tutorial from Camtasia,
which is recorded at 800 x 600 ( 1.0 ) .

The whole video is now 32 minutes long since I'm narrating throughout all images,
and I've also added several music clips in the background, and have matched the
voice with the images, and music, and added a lot of transitions for each image.

For the past 3 days I've been trying to export this to a watchable format for the
web, and nothing I try seems to work.

I've tried exporting an AVI raw file, and ended up with a 53 GB file.
Then I started testing exporting small clips today, and exporting at
H.264 High Quality
720 x 480

These settings seem to give me some good files, but when it comes to exporting
the camtasia tutorial I get horrible output.

I would like for this video to be watchable on the web, and preferably export to a
nice .avi back into camtasia studio in order to get an MP4 file or flash file for the

I've tried creating another sequence with 800 x 600 ratio, and tried copying my
entire timeline, but that doesn't work.

This is only the 2nd video I've ever edited, and clearly I'm using the wrong
settings, and not sure what to do. :(

Please help I know I have the WRONG project settings, and or export settings,
and I just dont' know what to do anymore.