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Thread: Difficulties getting right settings before Capturing/Editing

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    Default Difficulties getting right settings before Capturing/Editing

    Greetings from Africa. It was a great relieve for me to have found this site. Kudos to the Moderator.
    Indeed my country is just getting into IT and am one of the first people to acquire an Adobe premiere 6.5 editing software, thanks to a friend in the US. I have worked with Adobe Premiere 6.0 before and I really enjoyed it.
    When I was working with 6.0, I hardly had problems with having to render all the time when I drag images unto the timeline before I preview. I only rendered specific frames when I included a transition or effects. But with my Adobe 6.5, I have to render every inche when a new frame is added to preview.
    I dabbled my way once and got everything on find but didn't know what I did. Right now I the same problem is permanent and I have tried all types of gymnastics to no avail.
    Please, could some one help me out. What do I need to do to get this solved so I can preview frames without having to render every time unless a transition or effect is added?
    Thank you all in advance and I'm indeed honoured being part of your wonderful forum.
    God Bless you.
    ENCI Elias
    BP 817, Yaounde

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    Next time, please avoid the overly large graphic attachment. It has made you post very difficult to read on a 'standard' size monitor.

    What are the dimensions and format of your graphics? It may simply be a case of the pixel dimension of the image do not match that of the project (PAL, NTSC???). Also, the format opf the image may make a difference. Is it JPG or what?

    I used Premiere 6.5 very little before moving to Premier Pro so not quite sure, from memory, how it handles imported images.

    Try resizing one of your graphicsw to the exact dimensions of your project and see if that helps.

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    I've removed the attachment.
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