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Thread: Help With Finding This Sound

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    Default Help With Finding This Sound

    Hi All,

    New to this site so I hope im posting in the right spot.

    I am doing a short film and need the sound thats used in a lot of movie trailers.

    For instance at 10 seconds of this trailer [ame=]YouTube - VALKYRIE - Teaser Trailer[/ame] you can hear it.

    Its usually used to introduce scenes. I dont know what to call it, maybe "whoosh"

    Well I am looking for it but no luck, i need it for commercial use.

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    Do you mean the rumbling boom sound just before the drum ?

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    Whats the name for like that drum beat.? Apart from drum beat lol

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    It's just a drum being hit pretty hard with reverb as an add effect. There is no name for it. It's a just a snare drum with a pretty low tuning or maybe a tom tom but it's "like" just a drum.

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    whoosh, impact, stinger.....
    They're called many things.
    Google is your friend for this one.

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    that specific one is a tom drum with huge reverb, this sound effect is called an impact, we've got tons of them for commercial purposes at which you can find by searching for "drum impact" on the site ... send me a message and i'll send you a link ...

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    Default have a whole disk of them available including the ambience as well.

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