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Thread: Why is this so HARD??

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    Cool Why is this so HARD??

    I must be terrible at searching the web, because i cannot find a simple answer to this question, hopefully, the wonderful users here may be able to help. Thank you in advance.

    Ok, here is what i need to accomplish:

    I need to capture the screen from one computer.....there will also be a camera in the room shooting the person using said computer. i need to be able to mix those two sources together and output them to another computer that will be streaming the content online. Kind of PIP style....the screen cap dominating the majority of the screen, and the Camera footage down in one corner. Video Tutorial/Live Webinar type thingie.

    I see all kinds of software online that mixes two camera sources but none of them specify if i could mix ONE camera source with a Screen Capturing service.....any ideas, thoughts, HELP!

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    I recall that Camtasia used to have that feature
    Download Camtasia Studio 30-Day Trial

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