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    Hi All!

    I am using Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, with a AMD Processor, 2GB Ram, 256MB Graphics card

    Here is my task for this machine:
    Video editing, 6-8 hours of footage, DVD Menus, 3d transitions, music dubbing and then exporting into a DVD or an AVI for adobe encore menu-ing.

    What i do is have seperate files of 1 and a half hours MAX footage each, so this can be exported to DVD quite nicely.

    Why is it sometimes when i try to add a FADE TO BLACK transition it says 'Insufficient Memory....'

    Also, when i export i export in quality: 5, VBR : 6.0, 6.5, 7 - 8

    And guess what, it takes 6 hours to EXPORT THIS FOOTAGE!!! 6 HOURS!

    Why does it take so long?

    >>> Now, i have now invested into:

    2 x 23" HD Screens, Intel i7 Processor, 6GB Corsair DDR3, 1GB Graphics (Nvidia) etc... with Adobe CS4

    Honestly speaking, will the export time still be the same? Why does the footage take 6 hours to export in the first place?

    Answers to this baffling scenario would be highly appreciated. It is infact annoying it takes so long.


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    No, the export time will be a lot quicker than your old machine.

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    Don't worry too much about the GPU and instead more about the CPU. Your new one seems fine, and more powerful than what I'm building at the moment.

    Whatever you do though, don't be too down-hearted. Whilst I have no PC at the moment I've resorted to editing short clips on an old laptop and with all the effects added it takes 2 hours for 30 seconds of footage (there are a lot of heavy duty effects tho lol).

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