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Thread: OK GO - WTF Echo Effect

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    Default OK GO - WTF Echo Effect

    I've been trying to recreate the effect shown in the OK GO's video: [ame=]YouTube - OK Go - WTF? - Official Video[/ame]

    But I've been coming up against a problem. I have a freshly keyed video and I add the echo effect, increase the trails but I want to stop the trails from playing back.

    To explain this a bit better, the previous frame still play as if the video, I want them to stay still as if an image like in the video.

    Is there some box I'm not ticking or some pre-composing I'm not doing?! It's really starting to annoy me now and no amount of searching has fixed the problem.

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    I think the effect may be termed a "static echo". There is another example at
    [ame=""]PaintBall Cycle TV on Vimeo[/ame]

    Trapcode may offer this (for After Effects), see
    Trapcode - Echospace

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    Thanks for the reply but I am unable to get that to work either. There must be something simple I'm missing. I'll keep searching I guess.

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    I assume your video already has the background is keyed out (has a mask).

    In After Effects, I believe layers can be enabled for 'time remapping'. It can allow a frame to be held. By duplicating the Layer many times would allow different static frames to be shown at the same time, each one overlapping the previous (according to the position of the mask).

    I suspect is possible to write an "Expression" to affect the value for the "Time Remap" according to the current frame less your preferred offset.

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    Thanks for that Tim, I think that would take forever though. What's really bugging me is that it can be done with the echo effect as this guy has a tutorial for it:

    [ame=]YouTube - OK Go's WTF? Video Effect[/ame]

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    Create - dont copy slavishly.

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    Quite frankly, everthings already been done to some extent. It's merely twisting ideas from here on .

    Plus, when something works. It works.

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    I followed the tutorial, then followed the instructions. Worked first time. Unless the 'number of echos' is high (the tutorial refers to 300 echos); then the echos may *appear* to be moving because the oldest echos would start disappearing. If the number is high enough; then all the echos will appear static.

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    Thought about that, I had about 500 echos when I only needed about 300. The clips are deffo moving as if you seperate the echos more you can see each one moving around. Ah well, I'll get over it and find a new effect to mess around with lol.

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