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    Default Saving Private Edwards

    What do you think of this cartoon? It is the second episode, what do you think? (if the link does not work just go to and click on SPE 2).. Thanks...

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    Moldy Moldy Moldy ...

    Three points

    1. As far as the title sequence goes, do not attempt to improve upon perfection.

    2. Please please please (to the power n as they say in the world of mathematics) do something about your hosting.

    3. Please shorten your movies to make them more watchable. Why not take up Marc Peters on his sixty second challenge?

    4. Use something other than MS Paint for your graphics.

    On a more positive note there is obviously some latent talent there, please shorten your movies. Trust me they will work much much better!

    Good luck

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    As it's animation, you could get the file size down to < 10MB.
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