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    Here is another video that I made at my school for a digital media class.
    [ame=]YouTube - Stolen Paper[/ame]

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    Having thoroughly enjoyed your other two efforts I thought I'd give this one a go, & you're certainly consistent.
    Others have already mentioned the sound quality could be improved & I dont know if its my PC but it seemed too dark to watch comfortably.
    I really think you should forget the bloopers, they really detract from what was an excellent short little film & double the length of it!
    When the actual film finished I felt like watching it again but after sitting through the cock ups I'd had enough.


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    Another good story with a great punchline.

    Obviously, you having posted all three films at the same time you haven't had a chance to make use of any advice yet so i'll try to avoid repeating what I've said in other posts though much of the same stuff could be improved.

    In this film you have a sound issue which isn't in the others - namely one or two of the sound effects are "clipping". This is where the volume is higher than the software can handle. It produces a really nasty distortion. With digital sound (unlike analogue where sometimes you could get away with overdriving the circuits) you really MUST keep everything out of the red.

    There's a very good example of "crossing the line" here in the very first cut which should be avoided.

    We start with Jamie screen left and Garret screen right. You then cut to a shot which has Jamie screen right and Garret screen left. This is bad practice because it causes confusion (unless, of course you're cutting a fast paced fight in which you WANT to cause confusion).

    Why does it cause confusion and why is it bad?

    When we watch a scene, we become involved. In real life we see things - we take in the whole scene (like an establishing shot) and then we focus on certain aspects (like close ups). Our mind maps the things in the scene in relation to each other.

    If we want to see the scene from the other side, we need to move there. We can't suddenly re-materialise on the other side of the table. This is why a shot from one side and then the other jars. It is particularly important where there is a "line of action" which in the case of this shot is a line between the eyes of the two people who are talking.

    Because in real life we can't suddenly jump from one side of the conversation to the other, doing so in the edit (a) causes confusion and (b) then, once we've realised what's happened, reminds us we're watching a film (and thus removes us from involvement in it)

    This does not mean you must always film from the same side, just that you need to use a method to get to the other side.

    One way would be to move the camera around James to the new position whilst they are talking (requires skill with a steady cam or dolly).

    Much easier would to have a neutral (straight on) shot of one or both of the actors in between the two-shots.

    Another problem with that cut was that at the end of the first clip Garret is holding the paper but it's on the table at the start of the second.

    Some more good chase scenes, though (semi related to the above) it is not always clear where people are in relation to each other and indeed where the corridors/doors are in relation to each other.

    Watch for cutting the tops of your heads off.

    Garret - stop smirking when you're meant to be acting

    (Oh, sorry, I wasn't going to repeat anything)

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