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    This is a short video that I filmed with my sister and cousin about a staring contest. I know the video might seem a little lame at first but I encourage you to keep watching because it has a good ending.
    [ame=]YouTube - The Staring Contest[/ame]

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    Fun to watch...Fun to make!!!

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    certainly wasnt expecting the ending LOL !

    Good stuff.

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    You certainly have a talent there.
    These special effects are amazing.
    Very entertaining.
    I find myself wondering what you'd come up with, with a bigger story & a bigger budget.


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    Agree with the above, you have some great ideas. Good talent in this one as well.

    Watch for "crossing the line". We had situations here where the actors reversed positions as far as the viewers were concerned. This creates confusion (and reminds us we're watching a film rather than watching reality). If you have to do this (and there's no reason why not - it creates variety) you should have a neutral shot (eg a straight on shot of one of the actors) or a pivot shot. Alternatively let the viewer "see" the camera move (ie film as you move the camera from one side of the line to the other).

    Check your lighting. I bet it's obvious now, but whilst the boy was well lit the girl was in shadow. Not only did this mean we didn't get to see her features/reactions as well as we might, but with the close up profiles it gave the impression they were in different rooms.

    Keep it up.

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    Yadda to the fx - what I liked was the disciplined way this was made - nicely done. That was proper film making.

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