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Thread: "A Portable Day" Video with portals from valve game

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    Default "A Portable Day" Video with portals from valve game

    Here is a video that I made at my school in a digital media class called a portable day. I tried to make the portals look like the ones in the valve game called Portal.[ame=]YouTube - A portable Day[/ame]
    tell me what you think

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    Firstly let me congratulate you on being ambitious enough to make a movie like this. HOWEVER, I won't overwhelm you with a point by point blow of events.

    I think the movie could be improved by shortening it by a few minutes. You need to learn the art of pacing the action and tighter cuts. Learn that you don't have to use a shot just because you have it. The other big thing that will improve the over all quality of your movie is record the sound better. Use a mic on a boom to get near the talent when they are talking.

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    Yeah I know that it is kinda long and I probably could have cut a lot of stuff out of it to shorten it. Also I am saving up for a good microphone right now to improve my audio because for that video, all I had was the onboard mic on the cam.

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    Firstly, thanks for re-posting this in a place where it will get feedback (it deserves feedback).

    Secondly, as MB has perhaps hinted, feedback is likely to be tough but fair. There will (probably) be many criticisms but remember these are criticisms of your work, designed to help you make better movies, they are not criticisms of you personally.

    There are a few areas which could benefit from some improvement. MB has mentioned two so as not to overwhelm you, both of which i agree with.

    Just to expand a little on the length - something to consider. You don't need to show everything that happens between action A and action B. For example when a person moves from one point to another, you can often show them departing followed immediately by arriving. The audience understands the language of film and will accept that time has elapsed. This sort of time compression is invaluable in keeping up the pace and shortening the length. There were a few times in your film where we saw a bit too much of the unnecessary in between A and B.

    Dialog was somewhat stilted - you say your line, then I'll say mine, but this will improve with practice. Jamie's (your?) acting was OK, but the other guy really needs to keep a straight face.

    You have something to learn about continuity of action (for example people leaving screen left then appearing in the next shot coming in screen left) and composition.

    You are experimenting well with a variety of angles. Try for more of a mix of long/mid/close up shots. you had a couple of cuts from mid to only lightly more close-up which looks like a jump cut.

    Good steady tripod work for much of the film, and set up "square" as well. I like to see that (an absolute necessity for your FX of course).

    Nice choice of music.

    The "chase" was done pretty well. It had purpose and some excitement.

    A reasonable story, great effects, some nice touches of humour. Well done.

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    We thought it was very accomplished.
    The Portal effect was excellent & the acting was pretty good while the storyline & the humour kept us watching to the end.
    We cant get technical because we're not technical people when it comes to photography, we just believe in giving praise when we like something.

    Sarah & Allison & Tina

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