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Thread: Video being recognized as audio in WMM

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    Default Video being recognized as audio in WMM

    Hey guys. I'm trying to edit a clip in Windows Movie Maker, just to make a simple gif. But when I drag down the video to the timeline, it goes into the audio slot. I right-clicked the file and clicked properties. It says the file type is audio. Anyone know why it's doing this, and know how I can fix this?

    As far as codecs go, when I open the file with Windows Media Player, right when it opens at the bottom it says "Codec Acquired" but still only plays the audio and shows no video. This is an .avi file by the way. I have to use a different player to watch this video.

    Also, used a program called Gspot that detects what codec you need for a certain video. It says codec:XVID name: XviD 1.0.3 status: Codec(s) are Installed.

    Does anyone know what's wrong?

    Edit: I downloaded an xvid codec and it fixed the problem so never mind thanks anyways.
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    This happened to me yesterday with a .mpg file. Try changing the time-line view into the storyboard view and put the clip in the box. It worked for me.

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