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Thread: Voiceover and what do you recommend?

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    Default Voiceover and what do you recommend?

    Hi everyone, I am looking for video editing software that can allow me to do a voiceover while the video is playing on my computer. This would allow me to record the video and then give voice instruction later. I am new to video editing so any help.

    Any suggestions, I don't really want to spend too much.

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    That will be rubbish.

    A quality VO is more important than the video - you must do it very carefully or it will suck and the video will be poor overall.

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    Most video editing software will allow you to do this function. the cheaper one is Pinnacle Studio or Edius Neo, Sony Vegas etc.......

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    Okay, and if I was to host the video on my website, how would I do that?

    I don't want to host it on youtube or anything with the embed code because I don't want others to see it, except my website members.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vertovian View Post
    A quality VO is more important than the video - you must do it very carefully or it will suck and the video will be poor overall.
    Listen to what the man says!

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    You will either need to put your own embedded player on your site or have the video file as a download. You really need to ask experts on websites about this.

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    Default voiceover with video

    Hey there,

    Final Cut Pro has a pretty good voiceover option that will allow you to keep the integrity of both your video and voiceover work. It's a little pricier, but you don't want to mess around with poor voiceover quality. There's nothing worse than a lousy voiceover!

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    Thanks for your response. Im kind of on a tight budget though. I might just have to stick with doing the voice while filming then if I can't find a decent software for lower prices. Thanks for your help and if you hear of anything that might work okay, let me know.

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    Default Pro Tools

    Hey -- totally understandable. You can also do *amazing* voiceover work and editing with Pro Tools, and you can actually edit video inside Pro Tools as well! Lay them both down as two separate tracks and do the editing that you want to do there and then "play" them together. Pro Tools is super easy, and it's what the professionals in the voiceover industry use. There's no substitute for it, really.

    Sorry, I should have thought of that earlier! You'll really get the most bang for your buck with Pro Tools.

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    Mixcraft by Acoustica is a great audio recording and loop software for like, $60, which would allow you to record in this manner. You would also need a decent mic and an A/D convertor to plug the mic into which interfaces with your computer.

    M-Audio has some simple A/D convertors which work well

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