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Thread: Iris and Sorryful Songs.

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    Default Iris and Sorryful Songs.

    I wanted to practice macro and impossible tripod stuff - also lots of colour fiddling.

    The you tube has screwed the sound a bit.

    Boring ?

    [ame=]YouTube - Iris and Sorryful Songs.[/ame]

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    This reminded me of a piece I did a few years ago set to Maharler's 5th Symphony, Adagietto movement. Filming something just to it's natural beauty.

    I liked the sense of anticipation at the beginning, moving from the dark into the light, Perhaps a little long for some tastes. I also liked the juncture positioning at around 2 mins of the black against the colour and light. I think my favourite shot of the whole film was at 2:14.

    I did find myself being a little frustrated at around 2:30 when I felt the spider should have been the point of focus, BUT from what I've leaned about you, it was probably done on purpose just to create that effect in people. lol

    I'm sure this won't be everybody's cup of tea but thank goodness we are all different. If you let yourself immerse into he music and go with the flow you will heighten your sense of aesthetics.

    OR am I just talking Bolx

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    Yeah just Bolx

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    Lols - the bollox was about spot on.
    Thanks for feedback.

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    Anyone spot its old fashioned sd dv ?

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    I thought the movement of the stems (at 2:3 in time with the orchestra was really cool. And some of the images were very pretty. I even like the ending.

    I am curious. What affected the choices of where to cut the different shots, in terms of the phrasing of the music? For example, felt too early (eg. at 1:25), and other felt just right (eg. at 1:54).

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