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Thread: A message from my polish friends.

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    Default A message from my polish friends.

    Hi to anyone who remembers me...

    I made this yesterday and for a change I tht about the lighting, and it shows, I think.

    I have another similar lined up for shooting tomorrow with my Kurdish barber and friends.

    I am aiming high - I hope to end with Muslim women in ' slit ' veils shouting abuse - lols.

    Please sub that channel if u do support me.

    I will not be drawn into political stuff on here as I get my fix for that on the channel as you can see...

    [ame=]YouTube - A message from my Polish friends.[/ame]

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    Needs Subtitles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Needs Subtitles
    Where .....?

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    We'll as I assume it's for the BNP, who I presume not many of them speak polish. I think the bit's that are spoken in Polish would benefit subtitles.

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    Well as this is intended to wind up the BNP and I presume most of it's members don't speak polish, then the bits of the video where the people speak Polish might be a clue as to where to put the subtitles.

    Anyway, have you really got a death wish ? Winding up the BNP is just foolish for you in your position and could very well affect any court case you may or may not go through.

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    Ah - I like the mystery of the polish bit being polish - the translation is not really postable here - maybe in the adult section - lols.

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