Help desperately needed. I want to transfer some videos onto my computer and hence burn to DVD. I have bought Ez Cap from Amazon which included Ulead Video Studio SE.
Drivers and software have been installed (Windows XP).
Day 1 If I connect scart adaptor into VCR player, and then S-video cable from adaptor to S-video socket on ez cap I get a black and white picture (very clear) but no colour and no sound.
Day 2 If I use a scart to RCA cable I get sound but no picture.
Day 3 scart adaptor with s-video and yellow, white and red all plugged into back of VCR and S-video and 3 RCA into ez cap I now have sound AND picture but only in black and white!

I don't know much about all the zillions of settings that can be changed in the options on ULead - I guess there are some basic ones if someone could tell me what they are (Help on ez Cap and ULead pretty rubbish). Have tried Youtube instruction videos - they also seem fairly rubbish or do not cover what I need to know.
Can anyone help me find the colour!