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Thread: Looking for Software to Merge .mp3 & .mpg

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    Default Looking for Software to Merge .mp3 & .mpg

    Hi guys!

    Simple problem here, my video editing software keeps crashing at 99% when exporting a video and it gets split into two files. One is the audio in an .mp3 file and the other is the video which is .mpg. I'm looking for a quick fix to merge these two files but unfortunately a lot of software that is out there is a bit misleading.

    If you look on google for something along the lines of 'merge .mp3 .mpg', you get lots of software claiming it can do it, but on further investigation they can only merge files of the same type! IE, they can merge several mp3's or several mpg's, but not both types into one file.

    Examples of the 'same file' softare include;

    123 Audio Video Merger
    Twins File Merger

    Obviously I can't use these so if anyone has any recommendations for some freeware out there I'd love to hear it!

    Many thanks

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    Have you tried Windows movie Maker ?

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    Thanks for your suggestion dude, unfortunately it doesn't support MPEG-2 files. This is a pretty basic format and I'd very much like to avoid a 'fix for the fix' scenario where for instance, we are looking to convert the file to make it compatible..

    any other software suggestions would be helpful
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    When you say WMM doesn't support mpeg2 do you mean it won't save it as an mpeg2 or it won't edit an mpeg2. You can certainly import mpeg2 video and mp3 audio and save it as wmv.

    Here is a clip I did as a test.

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    That's interesting, when I attempted to import MPEG2 it wasn't having any of it. Threw up a dialogue box saying 'The file filename.mpg is an empty file.' I had a quick look on the net and it said WMM doesn't support the file so I stopped there! I got version 5.1.

    As said though, I'd like to keep things as simple as possible and just merge the two files. If it means feeding them through an editing program then that's all good, but I don't want to change the format

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    Yes that another weired thing tonight. I just imported it and it worked. Well like you say you don't want to change the format and WMM will only save it as WMV.

    There are various NLE's that have a free trial download that would do the job. Sony are doing one with their Vegas editor, this will certainly do the job you want. This may be an over kill for what you want to accomplish but I'm not familiar with any freeware video editors.

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