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    Default Help me please!

    I finished a video in Sony Vegas 9 Pro. I rendered it and previewed the last ten seconds and it worked perfectly fine, but when I went to full screen mode to watch it all my videos stopped working and went black. They still appear in the timelime with the little screen shots but they won't play and the audio isn't working either. Does anyone know how to recover my clips?

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    Your clips will be perfectly safe. Vegas, like all NLEs, doesn't edit the origibal clips - it uses them as input for creating new ones.

    I suspect a system restart will sort you out.

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    Thank you but that didn't seems to work. I think, somehow, when it went into full screen mode it lost the input for the clips. I have tried everything I could think of but alas, I think I have to start over

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    Where did you capture the video to? Are they on your hard drive ?

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    Yes I did. It is really weird because I started another movie with the same clips and they work, so I don't think it is the original. I was wondering if the input for the clips created in vegas could have disappeared.

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    Well that is weird because Vegas should not have altered the original clips. Have you done a search in Windows Explorer for the clips ?


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