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Thread: Slow motion problem in Sony Vegas 9

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    Default Slow motion problem in Sony Vegas 9

    Some time ago I decided to check if there was a way to make good slow-mo without the hassle with avisynth etc ( even though I know it would be great to learn that stuff.

    Anyway I sat down and exported a 50%slow-mo clip filmed in 50i with my canon hf-100, and I did this in maybe 15-20 different ways - using different combinations of deinterlacing/motion blur types etc.
    And this one clip came out JUST AS SMOOTH as I want it to be, no overlaying double-layers when paused etc., just a bit smugded out, and the motion was non-stuttery.

    The thing is, I thought it would be easy to back-track to that specific setting (as I did not write down every setting I exported with) but I have not yet found out the same formula.

    I'm using sony vegas 9 btw. So the changes I did was:
    1. within the clip itself (right-click and properties @ timeline; disable/smart/force resampling, and field order (upper first/none(progressive))).
    2. Project settings, changed field orders; Motion blur type and deinterlace method.
    3. Rendering settings: Entropy coding: CAVLC or CABAC, and Field order as progressive or Upper field first.

    I work in a ntsc 29.970-project but that shouldn't change much in quality eh?

    I know that my problem is a mess, but check this and you'll see what I'm eager to achieve.

    Good slowmo:
    Bad slowmo:

    Just pause and see the difference between the clips - it's obvious but I can't seem to figure it out setting-wise.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    A picture of my problem:

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    You must have worked hard to get to the good sample you posted.

    All I can see is that the bad sample is in progressive. The good sample is so clean it's hard to tell what your settings might be and I am not familiar enough with Vegas to help.

    The Good sample does indeed look good.

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    yeah I tested settings for 2 whole evenings/nights in a row - the 2nd night was all about trying to remeber/recreate the settings that I got the results in video 1 with.
    I have a feeling it has something to do with deinterlacing-combinations within the various settings available on that, plus then the frame blending options.
    I have FFDSHOW codec installed on my computer and I don't know if cavlc/cabac-codec encoding has something to do with that...

    if I/someone was to solve this problem it would be an AWESOME work-around for getting great slow-mo without the need of avisynth/virtual dub.

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    Default solution

    Hey! the solution is within the project settings!
    All the changes I did trying to figure out the correct formula was no good as they were made WITHIN A 29.970 NTSC-project/timeline.
    As i filmed in 50i the perfect slowmo-setting 50% would be 25 fps.
    Why I at first had it set to 29.970 ntsc was out of a guide for hd-settings (probably from us).
    Now all the 50% slowmo's I do is just as smooth as I want to.

    Veeeeeeeeery satisfied here

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    I'm glad you found your solution. I'm lucky that I have a variable frame rate camera that I can select to record at 50fps and play back at 25fps which means I get good slow motion without having to play with the editor.

    Do you find interlaced of Progressive is best for Slow motion. I always use progressive. BUT as I've never tried interlaced I don't have a comparison.

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    Are you in PAL land or NTSC? A bit puzzled why you chose an NTSC template for 50i. Isn't NTSC usually 60i? Generally speaking, good slo-mo is best with an exact percentage of the original frame rate. So not 57% 0r 66% etc. Must say your 'good' slo-mo is extremely good! Have you tried slowing it down even more?
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    I'm swedish and live in sweden and film in 50i which is PAL and as I stated earlier the NTSC-settings was just me overlooking the change needed in the guide i used to set up settings for a youtube HD-project.

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    OK, great. So, what settings are you using within Vegas for slo-mo?

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    well, what I use right now to get OK results is, 50i recordings with high shutter speeds, with these settings:

    1280x720, Field order NONE, fps 25, pixel format 32bit float, best rendering quality, guassian (assymetric), Blend fields (tho I dunno if this has any effect, would be easy to check.. )
    Smart resampling enabled. Clip set at Field order upper field first (makes me wonder, but whatev...)
    Render as *.*WMV 128kbps audio cbr, windows media video 9, high def 1280x720, 25fps, 2sec keyframe, compression buffer 3, 100% sharpness, 8Mbps bitrate, rendering quality Best.

    All settings might not be relevant but that's exactly what I render under atm. When stuff works, it works, so why bother

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    This is really good work - Well Done!!!

    I have being doing much research over your postings since I started reading them and have, again, been alerted to just how Vegas does Slomo. And until somebody from SONY or another comes up with a counter for this it would appear that this is achieved NOT by predictive motion - "I'll make in-between frames on the basis of where I think the motion WILL be going" - but it is rather achieved by making a fast sequence of frame transitions. Meaning, that frames are "held-over", blended like a transition, until the next full frame is acquired and then the process starts again with the NEXT frames.

    We are looking for the best way to blend frames together so that we:

    A] Loose the appearance of Frame Boundary blend


    B] Retain "crispness" and simultaneously NOT loose flow.

    For me these 2 outcomes would appear to be mutually exclusive: How do you achieve "crisp" images while sustaining/keeping flow?

    If this remains a plausible question to ask then maybe that within the "recipe" lies the answer.

    I DO know that by selecting BEST, which you have done, within a Render template this will, or SHOULD, counter the "Project Settings". See the drop down menu for setting "BEST"? Choosing this negates the Project settings. Hold that thought . . .

    At present I have a PAL-DV render and a "plisb-WMV" format render lying next to each other on my ProMonitor and I can see more distinctive Frame Boundary blend ( = not good) in the PAL-DV as compared to the "plisb-WMV" less Frame Boundary blend ( = good!). There still is frame boundary blend present, but I can se more of the background through it in the "plisb" than the PAL-DV - this, ultimately adds to the "crispness".

    So I think we are onto something that could explain the render template and Media options outcome and subsequently have a further understanding just to how and what we need to do to get at better slomo in Vegas.

    BTW I have removed the apparently counter switch to UPPER field back to LOWER - and even this reminds of some work we did some 5 years back . . . hmmm.....

    Interesting . . . . .

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