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Thread: HD 1080p editing help

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    Exclamation HD 1080p editing help

    I had a HD video in MKV format.. I converted it to a Blu Ray format and then I imported it into Pinnacle Studio 14..

    Once I got the clips sorted out I then exported it out using 1080i.. which i have no idea what the i is for and which option I should be using to export.

    I tried to import it into after effects so I can use flying text and stuff however it said it couldn't import it?

    What am I doing wrong? I don't want to loose quality and I just want to edit the video in after effects.

    What is the best way to go about this and not lose any quality?? What export options should I be using?

    Thanks for your help.

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    i stands for interlaced.

    What does exported out as 1080i mean? That is not a format. What is the codec and file extension. That would help us. More importantly, where did you export from? What software?

    For best results, export out as a lossless code. Quicktime animation codec is good for pulling into After Effects. btw AE prefers progressive footage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Mills View Post
    btw AE prefers progressive footage.
    That would have a 'p' on the end instead of the 'i'.

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    Thats what Im asking what should I export the production ass when I make the movie.. the software is Pinnacle Studio 14...

    I just want to make sure i loose no quality because its a HD 1080p video.. so what should I save it as so that

    I lose no quality and can also edit it in adobe after effects????

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    Any form of conversion will loose a little quality, but nothing too noticable.
    When using Pinnacle (12) I render to WMV (Top setting) and then 1920x1080 50i (lower setting) and use these in AE, exporting from AE at 1920x1080p at 25p for further use.
    They don't come out too bad!


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