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Thread: Wanted: Creative Music Video Editor

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    Default Wanted: Creative Music Video Editor

    For a new to be launched female music artist we're going to shoot a music video. The style will be glam pop, graphical, arty but sexy, experimental with a commercial twist. Her music style will be Pop / Dance.

    We're looking for a music video editor who is creative too and well experienced with color correction to get that high quality MTV lighting for her face/skin and the surroundings.

    The music artist is an amazingly talented new artist signed with a major record label. We managed to get together an amazing team of creative and professionals, but we're missing one element: the editor.

    This will be an amazing opportunity and boost for your career as your work will be shown everyday on national/international television and music video websites.There will be a great spinoff, if the video is a succes, more work wil follow.
    The videoclip will be shot medio January in a studio / on location near Amsterdam. The Editing work can be done in a location of choice (in your own studio) or here in our studio.

    Looking forward hearing from you on

    Please sent us your contact details and a link to your portfolio.

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    How much does it pay ?

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    There is a budget, but it's not huge. Will tell more after the first screening.

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