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Thread: Codec Advice Wanted (comparison footage included)

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    Default Codec Advice Wanted (comparison footage included)

    Hey guys,

    I'm new to these forums, so first of all, I'd excited to meet you all, seems like a great forum to learn more about editing in

    I basically want some advice on how to best encode videos for youtube. When I was still on xp (now i'm on Win 7 64 bit), I had quite a set-up going, and my videos came out very sharp with the encoding settings I used (using Adobe Media Encoder).

    Now that I've upgraded to Win 7, I don't remember what codecs, etc. I had downloaded to make everything work so well, and my most recent video that I just encoded is evidence that there needs to be a change. I remember using something like the k-lite mega codec pack, and I remember that I used H.264 - whether or not it was x264 I have no idea.

    After installing win7, and my cs4 master collection, I had downloaded no codecs, but just used the software, and got the bad results.

    So please, refresh my memory. Let me know what the best codecs are (x264??) and how to go about using them. I'd really love some links to guides or something, I haven't been able to find any and I've looked for a long time. Thanks!!

    Encoded with XP:
    Time Lapse:


    Encoded after Win7 installation:

    As you can see, the video of the XP CSS (counter-strike source) gameplay looks crisp and sharp, even without hitting the "HD" button on youtube. With the Win7 CSS gameplay, the video looks blurry and distorted even after trying "HD" mode.
    Both videos were exported at 1280x720.

    I have downloaded the klite mega codec pack as of right now (I was trying to fix the problem on my own), but I have no idea what to set the settings on ffdshow to, or even if this is the best option as far as codecs go.

    Thanks for your help!!
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