Hi guys

I am setting up a series of interviews for a documentary. These will be shot in a mixture of locations but none will be in studio conditions. Outside, summer, winter, inside dark barns, garages, etc.

My kit consists of a JVC Everio MG275 HDD Camcorder and a tripod. I have access to another camera of the same make and model which I will be using for alternate camera angles.

The big problem is that the camcorder does not have a mic input. It was bought a couple of years ago and I never thought I'd need an external mic. So is there anything I can do about that? One thought I had was to use the 2nd camera as close to the contributor as possible and use it's sound track as the master. Feasible? Or is there a better way?

Next problem is lighting. My budget is very tight. I'd rather not buy expensive lighting initially. Can anyone direct me to some DIY solutions for lighting? I'd heard site lights can work but run extremely hot?

Finally is there such a things as equipment hire for video gear? and is it feasible?