Hello to everyone,
I am glad to read and see that there are many experts at this forum in the video editing field, and I could surely use some assistant (more than some assistant to be honest).
Recently I received as A gift Corel Video Studio, and although the programe is incredible I have to admit that I am just not good at all when it comes to editing.

For example I have A video (actually several videos) which I took at A nature resort and at one of the videos which is just 30 seconds long (avi video), there is loud noise of people that were passing by and that occoures between the seconds 16-17 and 22-24 of this clip, I am trying desperately to remove the voice during these seconds without altering the video but I have no success.
Could someone walk me though the steps I need to take to remove the background voice during these seconds?
Thanks in advance!!