Hi all

I'm a PE7 user, not pro anyway. I use it to edit and bluray authoring of 1080i and 5.1content from a sony camcorder. My main problem is that I would like to export all these videos to an Archos 5 (screen resolution of 800x480), and the only way I've found is by sharing it with the WMV preset and then, when syncing with the device, the windows media player converts it to the appropiate format. However the quality of the video quality is horrible. Is there any other way to do it correctly? I have all the plugins for the archos, so the formats supported are (according to the official web page)

Video playback**: MPEG-42 (ASP@L5 AVI, up to DVD resolution)
WMV (MP@ML, up to DVD resolution) included WMV protected files
M-JPEG (in QVGA resolution)

With optional software plug-in:
HD support: MPEG-4 (ASP 720p) & WMV HD (MP 720p)
MPEG-2 MP@ML up to 10 Mbps (up to DVD resolution) and AC3 stereo sound (5.1)
H.264 up to DVD resolution with AAC Audio playback**: Stereo MP3 decoding @ 30-320 Kbits/s CBR & VBR, WMA, Protected WMA, WMA pro 5.1, WAV (PCM/ADPCM).
AC3 stereo audio and 5.1 sound files (via SPDIF output of DVR Station)
Flac and OGG Vorbis audio files

With optional software plug-in:
AAC3 and AAC+ stereo audio files

Thanks in advance!!